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2012.09: Tongli Biomedical Co., Ltd. was founded.

2013.11: TongliBio’s first patent was granted.

2014.01: The CEO of TongliBio was invited to a reception at the ambassador of USA celebrating U.S. - China collaborations that transform global health.

2015.06: TongliBio’s senior managers were invited to the Globalization and WHO Pre-qualification Training for tropical diseases medical products hosted by WHO and Chinese CDC.

2015.09: TongliBio as the only Chinese biopharm company was invited by WHO to attend the WHO informal consultant meeting on Praziquantel pediatric formulation development, Sept. 2015 in Geneva, Swiss.

2015.10: Chinese scientist Tu Youyou on October 5 won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine amongst a trio for discovering parasite therapies.

2016.05: TongliBio was invited to the 4th Meeting of Chinese Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation (CNDI) held in National CDC on May 10th, 2016.

2016.05: The Informal Consultation of Levo-Praziquantel Development proposed by National Institute of Parasitic Diseases and TongliBio was successfully held on May 19th, 2016. Several domestic pharmaceutical companies, academic institutes as well as CRO companies have participated in the meeting.

2016.06: The CEO of TongliBio attended the 2016 BIO International Convention held at California from June 6-9.