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Research and Development

Our Innovative Approach

Currently, the company’s goal is to address the drawbacks of the old drug praziquantel’s (PZQ) poor medical compliance and limited global supply. Our approaches are to remove dextro-praziquantel, 50% bulk impurity and the bitter taste component of PZQ using our core technology, chemoenzymatic manufacturing process, and to make the active component of PZQ, levo-praziquantel more affordable, scalable and sustainable for manufacturing and commercialization. By far, the novel process is validated to provide an environmentally friendly and cost-effective means to produce kilogram scale of levo-praziquantel with high yield and chiral purity of over 99%. A group of patents have been applied and granted in China, US and some other countries worldwide. We believe that there is an opportunity and truly unmet need to develop levo-praziquantel as the best praziquantel medicine in the 21st century in treatment of all forms of schistosomiasis and foodborne trematodiases.