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Operation Model

TongliBio is founded by a group of US biopharmaceutical and international company executives and internationally recognized pharmaceutical scientists to develop better medicine for global health. We have pioneered on preclinical and clinical research with levo-praziquantel since the early 1980’s and also have proprietary technology and first-hand knowledge in the fields of chemoenzymatic process and manufacturing.

In the past 3 years, we operate by maintaining minimal research infrastructures, leveraging our core technology and development expertise and strategically partnering with local CRO/CMO (Contract Research Organization/Contract Manufacturing Organization) and academic institutions worldwide. Most of our research is outsourced but actively managed and directed by our experienced staff. Our development team remains largely virtual, working from both China and US/EU sites and have in depth and complementary translational experience in preclinical and clinical development with diversified expertise in clinical medicine, chemistry, pharmaceutics, toxicology, regulatory affairs, contract management and business development, etc. We retain scientific advisors and specific consultants whenever required, and the support of a network of experienced specialists and co-operation partners may be utilized. This strategy guarantees a tight but nimble and dynamic business management and fosters the vitality and innovative ability of a biotechnological enterprise with the proficiency and productivity.